Cal Water Annual Report

Aug 18, 2020

Illustrating the many stories of the year

California Water Service Group produces an annual report as a way to communicate highlights of the year to shareholders, customers, and the community at large. After developing several concepts for the 2018 report, we selected the theme “We Go Beyond” to showcase all the ways Cal Water is thoughtful and deliberative in developing its projects, resulting in a positive impact on the community. Playful, unexpected illustrations, plus the foldout die-cut pages, pique the interest of the reader to delve further into the stories of the year. Our writing and design team worked closely to have the illustrations seamlessly integrate with the text.


Hammer Museum

Nov 12, 2019

Raising capital to expand a museum’s vision

The Hammer is an art museum and cultural center in Los Angeles known for its artist-centric and progressive array of exhibitions and public programs. To fully realize a facility that is suited to everything the Hammer aspired to be, the museum launched a capital campaign. To solicit donations, a limited edition book was developed for the campaign. The fundraising strategy was to highlight the accomplishments of the organization and illustrate their aspirations. The first part of the book invokes the experience of the Hammer through a visual mashup of offerings and vital statistics. The second part pairs photographic renderings with messaging showcasing what will be possible with community support.


Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation

Jun 12, 2019

Inspiring action through storytelling

Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation is an innovative breast cancer charity that is dedicated to achieving a future free from breast cancer. When the foundation asked us to find a new way to capture their accomplishments in their annual report, we started by developing a compelling theme that played off their name recognition. In addition, we culled through vast amounts of information to find the most engaging stories. Then we found ways to pair those stories with their research, adding the right visuals, quotes and facts to make the annual report more impactful.



KCRW Public Radio

Jun 12, 2019

Expanding the definition of a public radio station

A fundraising initiative brochure was created for KCRW, a Los Angeles public radio station. Broadening the donor base was a key goal of its campaign. Expanding the identity of the station by utilizing images of diverse guests and a conceptual typographic approach reinforced that KCRW is more than a radio station.


USC Marshall School of Business

Aug 17, 2016

Highlighting innovation

The Greif Center at the USC Marshall School of Business hired BLOSS to create a unique mailer to increase brand awareness. The dramatic format unravels to reveal an infographic that effectively connects content and form to highlight key aspects of the program. The Greif Center has a reputation for innovation, and the design incorporates this unconventional feel while staying true to the university’s brand guidelines.